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Pelješac Wine and Dine tour: Incredible Penninsula gourmet

20000, Dubrovnik, Croatia

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Set off on the Pelješac Wine and Dine tour for a journey that blends exquisite flavors of wine and seafood with the stunning beauty of the Pelješac peninsula.

The adventure begins with a scenic drive from Dubrovnik, showcasing the vibrant Mediterranean landscape, setting the stage for the Pelješac Wine and Dine tour.

Your first stop on the Pelješac Wine and Dine tour at Putnikovići Winery offers a comprehensive look into Croatian winemaking. Here, you’ll taste a selection of exceptional wines, including those made from the Plavac Mali grape, a cornerstone of the region’s wine tradition. These tastings, paired with local cheeses and snacks, offer a flavorful insight into the Pelješac Wine and Dine tour.

Continuing the Pelješac Wine and Dine tour to a local oyster and mussel farm, you’ll explore sustainable practices behind some of the world’s best seafood. Fresh oysters and mussels right from the water highlight the area’s rich maritime culture.

Next on the Pelješac Wine and Dine tour, you explore Ston, renowned for its historical significance, including ancient saltworks and the impressive Ston Walls, often likened to the “Great Wall of Europe.” This leg of the Pelješac Wine and Dine tour offers a chance to learn about Ston’s past and its role in the region, with opportunities to taste more local dishes.

As the Pelješac Wine and Dine tour wraps up and you head back to Dubrovnik, you’re filled with new experiences, flavors, and stories from the day. This Pelješac Wine and Dine tour isn’t just an exploration of food and wine but a comprehensive journey into Croatia’s culinary and historical heritage, leaving you with lasting impressions and a greater appreciation for its vibrant culture.

Tour itinerary

09:00 – Departure and drive through Pelješac


Your Pelješac Wine and Dine tour starts with a ride from Dubrovnik, heading out to explore the Pelješac peninsula. As you make your way, you’re greeted by views that paint the essence of the Mediterranean – the sea, the sky, vineyards, and olive trees.

This part of the trip is your first taste of what the day has in store, introducing you to the natural beauty and the warm, vibrant culture that Pelješac is known for.


Approx. 10:15h Arrival to Winery Putnikovići (2 Hours)


At 10:15 AM, the Pelješac Wine and Dine tour heads to Putnikovići Winery, showcasing the Pelješac Peninsula’s reputation for exquisite red wines. This region thrives on the Plavac Mali grape, yielding wines that mirror the rich terrain and sunny climate.

Over two hours, the tour offers more than wine tasting; it’s a dive into Pelješac’s winemaking tradition. Experts at the winery walk you through their top wines, highlighting the blend of age-old methods and new techniques that make their flavors stand out.

The experience is enhanced with local snacks and cheese, carefully selected to match the wine. Whether it’s the sharpness of hard cheese with a Plavac Mali or the taste of pršut with a bold red, these combinations celebrate Pelješac’s culinary heritage.

This part of the Pelješac Wine and Dine tour is not just about tasting; it’s about experiencing the region’s rich wine and food culture.

12:15h – Transfer Continues to Local Oyster/Mussel Farm (2 Hours)

By 12:15 PM, your Pelješac Wine and Dine tour moves to an oyster and mussel farm, showing off Pelješac’s renowned seafood. Over two hours, you’ll explore the world of oyster and mussel farming, integral to the region’s way of life.

Pelješac’s oysters are known globally for their taste, a testament to the pristine waters of Mali Ston Bay.

You’ll learn how these shellfish are carefully raised, then enjoy a tasting that captures the essence of the sea. This experience connects you with the local tradition of seafood cultivation, a practice rooted in respect for nature.

It’s a peek into how Pelješac blends culinary excellence with environmental stewardship, making this stop a key part of understanding the peninsula’s culinary heritage.

14:30 – Next Stop: Ston (2 Hours)

At 14:30, the Pelješac Wine and Dine tour takes you to Ston, a historic town famous for its saltworks and the massive Ston Walls, known as “the Great Wall of Europe.” You have 2 hours to explore Ston, a place rich in history and culinary excellence.

These saltworks, among Europe’s oldest, date back to the 14th century and were crucial to Dubrovnik’s wealth, earning salt the nickname “white gold.” The methods of salt collection have stayed the same for centuries, offering a glimpse into the past.

The Ston Walls, stretching about 5 kilometers, were built to shield the valuable salt pans from invaders. Walking along these walls, you get stunning views and a sense of history that’s palpable. Despite legends of dragons threatening the town, the real story is Ston’s enduring strength against numerous attacks.

In Ston, try the local oysters or seafood, celebrated for their freshness and flavor, and perfectly complemented by Pelješac wine.

This part of the Pelješac Wine and Dine tour connects you with the area’s deep-rooted traditions and offers a taste of its celebrated dishes, making Ston an unforgettable stop on your journey.

17:00 – Scenic return to Dubrovnik

As your tour wraps up and you head back to Dubrovnik around 17:00, you’re carrying with you a day full of new tastes, sights, and knowledge.

From tasting wine at Putnikovići Winery to exploring Ston and trying fresh oysters and mussels, the Pelješac Wine and Dine tour is an immersive journey into the heart of the peninsula’s culinary and cultural landscape.

It’s a day that offers a deeper appreciation for the region’s food, wine, and history, marking an unforgettable experience in Croatia.

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Pelješac, distinguished for its exquisite vineyards, is both a viticultural marvel and a gastronomic delight. Renowned for its Plavac Mali grapes and premium wines, it provides a journey through centuries of winemaking. In this landscape, the rich traditions of Dalmatia blend with delectable local cuisine.



Ston, celebrated for its impressive medieval walls, is a historical and culinary gem. With ancient saltworks and famed oysters, it offers a unique journey through time. Here, history intertwines with flavours of Dalmatia, showcasing a rich cultural and gastronomic heritage.

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