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Pelješac Wine and Dine tour: Penninsula gourmet

20000, Dubrovnik, Croatia

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Pelješac Wine and Dine tour takes you on a delicious journey through one of Croatia’s most famous wine regions. Start your adventure with a scenic drive from Dubrovnik to the Pelješac Peninsula. This full-day trip is perfect for food and wine lovers. Taste top-notch wines at local wineries, enjoy traditional Croatian dishes and learn about wine-making from the experts. The beautiful landscapes of Pelješac, with its vineyard-covered hills and crystal-clear coast, add to the experience. On this tour, not only will you sip on fine wines but also get to explore charming villages and learn about the area’s history. The Pelješac Wine and Dine tour is a treat for your senses and leaves you with unforgettable memories of Croatia’s culinary delights.

The Pelješac peninsula, a hidden gem renowned for its winemaking legacy and culinary delights, is an ideal destination for seafood enthusiasts and shellfish connoisseurs. This serene haven offers numerous secluded beaches, perfect for those seeking to escape the hustle of crowded city beaches. Visitors can bask in the crystal-clear waters and enjoy the untouched natural beauty surrounding them. The landscape is dotted with lush Mediterranean vegetation, olive trees, and vineyards. These vineyards are particularly noteworthy, as Pelješac is famous for its Plavac Mali grape, a close relative of Zinfandel, renowned for producing full-bodied red wines with a distinct flavour. The region’s olive oil, celebrated for its quality and taste, complements the wine perfectly, making food tastings a delightful experience. Pelješac is also known for its fresh oysters and mussels, often hailed as some of the best in the world. Dining here means indulging in dishes where the freshness of the sea meets the richness of the land. A journey through Pelješac’s scenic wine routes and olive orchards promises an unforgettable 8-hour experience, complete with convenient pick-up options.

Tour itinerary

09:00 – Departure and drive through Pelješac


Start your day with a relaxing departure from your hotel in a luxurious Mercedes minivan. As you travel through the Pelješac peninsula, soak in the scenic beauty of this famous wine region, setting the tone for a day of indulgence and exploration.


10:15 – Wine tasting in Putnikovići


Arrive in the quaint village of Putnikovići, where a world of local wines awaits you. Delight in a curated wine-tasting session that showcases the unique flavors of the region. Enhance your understanding and appreciation of wine at the local Wine Museum, a portal to the rich viticultural history of Pelješac.

11:00 – Panoramic peninsula drive

Continue your journey with a brief, scenic drive across the peninsula. This route offers stunning views and a glimpse into the lush Croatian countryside, setting the stage for the culinary delights ahead.

11:15 – Seafood experience in Drače

Arriving at a picturesque tavern in Drače, prepare for an exceptional seafood experience. Sample the freshest oysters and mussels, each bite enriched by the spectacular sea views, making for a memorable dining experience.

12:15 – Journey to Dingač Vineyards

Travel next towards the renowned vineyards of Dingač, where the landscape transitions to rows of sun-kissed grapevines, hinting at the exquisite wine-tasting that awaits.

12:45 – Wine and olive oil tasting at Vicelić Vineyard

Reach the Vicelić family vineyard, an eco-friendly estate celebrated for its exceptional wines. Here, taste a selection of their best eco-wines, perfectly paired with homemade local delicacies. A highlight is their homemade olive oil, a true embodiment of the region’s culinary heritage.

13:45 – Free time in Ston

Enjoy some free time in the historic town of Ston. Wander through its ancient streets, absorb the local culture, or savour a leisurely lunch in this picturesque setting.

14:15 – Scenic return to Dubrovnik

Arrive back at your starting point in Dubrovnik by 17:00, carrying with you the flavours, sights, and unforgettable memories of your Pelješac peninsula adventure.

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Pelješac, distinguished for its exquisite vineyards, is both a viticultural marvel and a gastronomic delight. Renowned for its Plavac Mali grapes and premium wines, it provides a journey through centuries of winemaking. In this landscape, the rich traditions of Dalmatia blend with delectable local cuisine.



Ston, celebrated for its impressive medieval walls, is a historical and culinary gem. With ancient saltworks and famed oysters, it offers a unique journey through time. Here, history intertwines with flavours of Dalmatia, showcasing a rich cultural and gastronomic heritage.

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