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Dubrovnik to Kotor and Perast day trip

20000, Dubrovnik, Croatia

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Dubrovnik to Kotor and Perast offers a scenic journey that unfolds the beauty of the Adriatic coast. Embarking on this route, travelers are treated to breathtaking views of crystal-clear waters, ancient walled towns, and dramatic mountain landscapes. This voyage not only connects two of the most picturesque destinations in the Balkans but also provides an opportunity to explore the rich history and cultural heritage that Kotor and Perast boast. Whether by car, bus, or boat, the journey from Dubrovnik to these historic towns promises an unforgettable adventure through some of the most captivating scenery Europe has to offer.

Tour itinerary

8:00 – Departing from Dubrovnik


We start our Tour to Kotor and Perast from Dubrovnik with the beautiful morning backdrop of Dubrovnik. As we head out, prepare to be captivated by the evolving landscapes, marking the beginning of our adventure.


10:30 – Discovering Kotor


Welcome to Kotor! This UNESCO World Heritage site, known for its medieval architecture and vibrant streets, is our first stop. Before delving into Kotor’s history, we recommend enjoying breakfast at ‘Caffe Pizzeria Pronto’, known for their delicious ‘Burek’ and ‘Cevapi’, traditional Balkan dishes that offer a taste of local flavours.

13:00 – Exploring Kotor


Spend time getting to know Kotor’s dynamic charm. Our sightseeing tour highlights include the Cathedral of Saint Tryphon and the Maritime Museum, reflecting the town’s nautical past. Walk through streets lined with Gothic and Baroque architecture, and enjoy the local flavours at charming cafes.

14:00 – Venturing to Perast


Next, we head to the picturesque town of Perast. This location is famed for its baroque architecture and stunning seaside views, offering a peaceful respite as part of our Dubrovnik to Perast experience.

16:30 – Discovering Perast


Your afternoon is set in the tranquil town of Perast. We’ll visit key sites like the Church of St. Nicholas and the Bujovic Palace, which narrate Perast’s connection to the sea. Enjoy a stroll by the bay, take in the elegant architecture, and experience the stunning views of the Bay of Kotor. Perast offers a chance to leisurely explore and appreciate the Adriatic’s beauty.

18:00 – Free Time in Perast


This is your chance to enjoy some relaxation in the delightful town of Perast. Why not take a break at a quaint café by the bay, or wander through the town’s charming streets at your own pace. Montenegro offers a rich culinary experience, and we suggest trying dishes like ‘Njeguški pršut’ (a dry-cured ham), ‘Ćevapi’ (grilled minced meat), or ‘Riblja čorba’ (fish soup). For dining, ‘Konoba Skolji’ and ‘Cafe Armonia’ come highly recommended. Both are celebrated for their delicious local cuisine and offer a friendly, welcoming atmosphere, complementing your Perast exploration with a taste of authentic Montenegrin hospitality.

19:30 – Return to Dubrovnik


Our journey concludes as we return to Dubrovnik. Reflecting on our day, we cherish the experiences from our Kotor and Perast tour from Dubrovnik – a blend of historical explorations and peaceful moments.

Tour highlights

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Kotor, a historic jewel in Montenegro’s crown, enchants with its medieval walls and picturesque bay. Wander through its UNESCO-listed old town, a canvas of Romanesque and Baroque architecture, and feel the pulse of its rich maritime history.



Perast, adorning the Bay of Kotor, is celebrated for its baroque beauty. Its streets and historic buildings echo a rich maritime legacy. Facing the peaceful bay, Perast is a scenic haven where sea views blend with gentle breezes for tranquility

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