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Begin an exciting 2-day exploration with our Dubrovnik 2-day Tour Package. Your adventure starts with a convenient airport transfer, welcoming you to Dubrovnik. On the first day, enjoy the Elaphiti Islands, with a visit to the Blue Cave and time spent on the beautiful Šunj Beach. The adventure continues on the second day with a trip to Mljet Island, renowned for its stunning natural scenery and distinctive appeal.

We aim to highlight the best of Dubrovnik directly and enjoyably, ensuring your journey is filled with memorable moments. Come and experience the magic with us!


Day 1 – Airport transfer & 4-hours Elaphiti Islands tour


Your adventure begins with a smooth airport transfer, ensuring a stress-free start to your exploration of Dubrovnik.

First day under the Dubrovnik 2-day Tour Package starts with a captivating 4-hour journey to the Elaphiti Islands, a cluster of isles renowned for their natural beauty and tranquility. The tour’s first highlight is the mesmerizing Blue Cave, a natural phenomenon where sunlight and sea combine to create a luminous blue effect underwater. This magical spot offers a chance for an invigorating swim in crystal-clear waters, making for an unforgettable experience.

Next, the tour takes you to Šunj Beach, celebrated for its golden sands and inviting ambiance. Spend leisurely hours soaking up the sun, or for those craving a bit of adventure, explore the opportunity to try cliff-jumping. Šunj Beach’s relaxed vibe is the perfect backdrop for unwinding and enjoying the serene beauty of the Elaphiti Islands.

Aside from these activities, the Dubrovnik 2-day Tour Package encourages you to delve into the local culture and history of the islands. Listen to legends of old seafarers and tales of hidden treasure. Capture stunning panoramic views from strategic vantage points, ensuring your camera is ready to preserve the breathtaking scenery.

To complement your exploration, taste the local delicacies offered on the islands. Fresh seafood, caught and prepared in traditional ways, provides a delicious insight into the culinary heritage of the region. Each bite is a testament to the rich flavors of the Adriatic Sea.

2. day – Full-day Dubrovnik to Mljet Island tour


On the second day of the Dubrovnik 2-day Tour Package, the journey takes you to the stunning Mljet Island, a jewel of the Adriatic known for its untouched natural beauty and tranquil ambiance. This full-day exploration is an invitation to experience the quiet majesty of one of Croatia’s most beautiful islands, making for an ideal counterpoint to the bustling streets of Dubrovnik.

Mljet Island, often hailed as an unspoiled paradise, is home to dense forests, clear lakes, and a rich variety of wildlife. The island’s national park, which covers a significant part of Mljet, offers numerous paths for hiking and biking amid lush greenery, leading to hidden coves and secluded beaches where the Adriatic Sea laps gently against the shore.

One of the island’s highlights is the Great and Small Lakes, two saltwater lakes that offer a unique swimming experience in warm, crystal-clear waters. A visit to the tiny islet of St. Mary on the Great Lake, with its ancient Benedictine monastery and church, adds a touch of historical intrigue to the natural beauty of your surroundings. This spot provides not just a scenic view but also a glimpse into the island’s past, making it a must-visit during your tour.

The Dubrovnik 2-day Tour Package encourages you to dive deeper into Mljet’s offerings by trying the local cuisine, which is as fresh and inviting as the island itself. Seafood caught right from the surrounding waters, olive oil produced from local groves, and wine crafted from island vineyards are just a few of the culinary delights that await. Sampling these in a quaint village restaurant adds an authentic touch to your Mljet adventure.

Engaging with local legends and stories is another way to enrich your experience on Mljet. The island is steeped in myths, including tales that tie it to the legend of Odysseus, making it a fascinating place for history buffs and storytelling enthusiasts alike.

As the second day of your Dubrovnik 2-day Tour Package concludes, the serene beauty of Mljet Island ensures that your short getaway is filled with moments of relaxation and discovery. This tour is designed to combine the cultural richness of Dubrovnik with the natural splendor of Mljet, offering a well-rounded and unforgettable exploration tailored to highlight the best of both worlds.

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Mljet isn’t just a picturesque island; it’s also a designated national park, further emphasizing its natural significance. The Mljet National Park encompasses a substantial portion of the island, particularly the breathtaking Veliko and Malo Jezero (Large and Small Lake). 

Elaphiti Islands


The Elaphiti archipelago, with its 13 islands scattered like jewels in the Adriatic Sea, is a maritime tapestry waiting to be unravelled. While only three are inhabited – Koločep, Lopud, and Šipan – each island possesses a unique charm and story, adding layers to the archipelago’s allure.

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