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Korčula and Peljesac Day Tour from Dubrovnik

20000, Dubrovnik, Croatia

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Experience the ‘Korčula and Pelješac Day Tour from Dubrovnik’ for a journey through Dalmatia’s gems. Visit Ston’s historic walls, sail from Orebić to Korčula, and enjoy Pelješac’s famous wines. This tour combines cultural richness, historic exploration, and a culinary adventure against the stunning backdrop of Croatia’s coast.

Tour itinerary

8:00 – Departing Dubrovnik for Ston


As we set off from Dubrovnik, our first destination is Ston, a town famed for its remarkable medieval walls, second in size only to the Great Wall of China. Here, we’ll explore its rich history, including ancient saltworks still in operation. The town’s unique blend of history and gastronomy makes it a fascinating introduction to the region’s heritage.


10:00 – Journey to Orebic


Leaving Ston behind, we journey to the picturesque coastal town of Orebic. Known as the gateway to Korcula Island, Orebic boasts a proud seafaring history. Our time here includes a delightful boat ride, offering panoramic views of the Dalmatian coast as we glide towards the enchanting island of Korcula.

11:30 – Korcula Walking Tour


Arriving in Korcula city, we start a guided walking tour through its fascinating old town. Korcula, known as ‘Little Dubrovnik,’ is rich in medieval architecture. We’ll explore its history, visiting key landmarks and discussing the tales of Marco Polo, its famous son.

13:00 – Free Time in Korcula


Your exploration continues with some free time in Korcula. It’s an ideal moment to savor local gastronomy in one of the island’s traditional restaurants or cafés. Enjoy the fusion of Croatian and Mediterranean flavors, with dishes like ‘pašticada’ or fresh seafood, in a setting of stunning island beauty.

15:00 – Boat Ride Back to Orebic


We then return to Orebic with a scenic boat ride. Relish the stunning views of the Adriatic Sea and Peljesac Peninsula’s lush landscapes, a relaxing conclusion to our visit to the island.

16:00 – Visit to Local Winery in Peljesac


Our tour in Peljesac includes a visit to a celebrated local winery. There, you’ll have a chance to taste a selection of indigenous wines like Plavac Mali, learning about the region’s winemaking heritage and the distinct flavors that characterize Croatian wines.

18:00 – Return to Dubrovnik


As our tour concludes, we drive back to Dubrovnik. Reflect on a day rich in cultural insights, historical exploration, and culinary delights, marking an unforgettable experience on the Dalmatian Coast.

Tour highlights

About destinations


54 km

Ston, celebrated for its impressive medieval walls, is a historical and culinary gem. With ancient saltworks and famed oysters, it offers a unique journey through time. Here, history intertwines with flavours of Dalmatia, showcasing a rich cultural and gastronomic heritage.


112 km

Orebic, on the Peljesac Peninsula, offers a gateway to Korcula with its rich maritime past and stunning beaches. It presents a blend of history and beautiful views, making it an essential stop on the Dalmatian coast.

Korcula, famed as Marco Polo’s birthplace, captivates with its medieval town. Its streets, flanked by Gothic and Renaissance buildings, lead to bustling squares, offering a glimpse into its vibrant history and culture.

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What should I bring on a land tour?

We recommend comfortable clothing suitable for the weather, sturdy walking shoes, a hat, sunglasses, sunscreen, a water bottle, and a camera or smartphone for photos. Depending on the tour’s length and nature, you might also want to bring snacks or a packed lunch.

How physically demanding are the tours?

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Can I participate in a land tour if I have dietary restrictions?

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What happens if the weather is bad on the day of the tour?

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