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Obala Stjepana Radića 17, 20000, Dubrovnik, Croatia

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Dubrovnik Blue Cave & Šunj beach tour is your next favourite holiday adventure! You’ll get to explore this unique Blue Cave and to enjoy a cool swim spot on the Sunj beach, Lopud island.

Blue Cave Dubrovnik is the most popular hidden cave around Dubrovnik and it is settled on the Kolocep island – one of the Elaphtiti Archipelago islands. On this tour with Seagull Dubrovnik, we’ll also take you to three other hidden caves, where you can snorkel and see marine life. If you’re feeling adventurous, you can even try cliff-jumping into the Adriatic waters. After all the excitement, we’ll head to Šunj Beach, a beautiful spot for some relaxation.

This tour offers a perfect mix of natural beauty, adventure, and leisure, suitable for all who want to experience the best of Dubrovnik’s coastal wonders.

Tour itinerary

8:30 – Departure from Gruž Port


Start your adventure with the Dubrovnik Blue Cave & Šunj Beach tour leaving at 8:30 from Gruž Port. This is where your journey into the heart of Croatia’s natural wonders begins. Picture this: you’re setting out to explore some of the most beautiful spots around Dubrovnik, where every turn brings a new view, and every moment is an opportunity for adventure. The Elaphiti Islands, with their mix of sandy beaches, crystal-clear waters, and hidden caves, are about to become your playground.


09:00 – First Stop: Šunj Beach (75min)


By 09:00, step onto the soft sands of Šunj Beach, a place so inviting it feels like it was made just for relaxing. Here on Šunj Beach, legends of pirates and hidden treasures add a dash of mystery to your Dubrovnik Blue Cave & Šunj beach tour. Imagine pirates stashing their gold beneath these very sands or ancient sailors resting here between voyages. You’ve got 75 minutes to soak up the sun, splash in the shallow waters, or maybe even act like a treasure hunter. It’s not just about chilling; it’s about feeling connected to a story that’s much bigger than us.

10:20 – Second Stop: Three Hidden Caves (45min)


At 10:20, get ready to explore three of the area’s best-kept secrets on the Dubrovnik Blue Cave & Šunj beach tour. These hidden caves are like nature’s own private rooms, each with its own vibe. You’ll have 45 minutes to snorkel in the clear waters, get up close with the local marine life, or simply enjoy the quiet away from the world. These caves are alive with stories — of smugglers sneaking their goods past authorities, of locals finding refuge, or even of ancient rituals. Here, in the silence under the rock, you can feel the layers of history and mystery that make the Dubrovnik Blue Cave & Šunj beach tour so unique.

11:10 – Third Stop: Blue Cave (60min)


The highlight of the tour, the Dubrovnik Blue Cave, awaits at 11:10. This is where nature shows off, turning the whole cave into a dazzling display of blue light. Spend an hour here, and let the beauty sink in. The Blue Cave is more than just a stop; it’s a natural masterpiece that changes how you see the world. Locals say the cave is blessed, a place where the sea and sky meet and dance in a blue so vivid it stays with you forever. As part of the Dubrovnik Blue Cave & Šunj beach tour, this stop isn’t just a visit; it’s an experience — one that brings tales of sea nymphs and ancient mariners to life.

12:30 – Return to Dubrovnik)


As the tour winds down, and you head back to Dubrovnik at 12:30, take a moment to reflect on the morning. From the sandy shores of Šunj Beach to the magical hues of the Blue Cave, every moment spent was a step into a world where legends feel real, and the natural beauty is almost too good to be true. The Dubrovnik Blue Cave & Šunj beach tour isn’t just about seeing the sights; it’s about connecting with them, feeling the pulse of the earth and the stories of those who came before us. You’re heading home not just with photos, but with stories, memories, and a deeper appreciation for the world’s natural wonders.

In total, the Dubrovnik Blue Cave & Šunj beach tour is more than a simple boat trip; it’s a journey through time, nature, and legend, offering you a glimpse into the heart of Croatia’s unparalleled beauty.

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Tour highlights

About destinations

Located on the Croatian Island of Kolocep, also known as Kalamota, this hidden oasis is a well-kept secret among the locals. Here’s the catch: you can only reach Modra Spilja by boat or a refreshing swim, adding a touch of exclusivity and intimacy to your visit.

Welcome to the hidden paradise of Lopud Island, where the sun kisses the shores of Šunj Beach, creating a haven for sunseekers and nature enthusiasts alike. Šunj Beach stands out as a gem on this Croatian island, offering a unique blend of natural beauty and a laid-back atmosphere that invites you to unwind.

Boats operating

OkiBoats Barracuda 545
OkiBoats Barracuda 545

OkiBoats Barracuda 545

The Okiboats Barracuda 545 boat is a masterclass in both power and precision, combining speed with sleek design for an exhilarating maritime experience.

Barracuda is the perfect option for couples, families and small group of friends.

Quicksilver Commander 600
quicksilver commander 600

Quicksilver Commander 600

The Quicksilver Commander 600 is a versatile and stylish boat designed for fishing, leisure, and family adventures on the water.

This boat option is ideal for medium groups looking for a comfortable boat experience.

4K Marine
4k marine

4K Marine

The 4K Marine boat likely represents a blend of advanced marine engineering and design, offering high performance and durability.

4K Marine is for large groups wanting to have enough space and to enjoy their Dubrovnik adventures on their own, this option is by far the most interesting one.

Jeanneau Leader 805
Jeanneau Leader 805

Jeanneau Leader 805

The Jeanneau Leader 805 epitomizes refined luxury on the water, blending comfort and performance seamlessly.

One of the most popular and famous high class boat for both family and group experience offering amazing time and privacy.

Jeanneau Cap Camarat 9.0WA
Jeanneau Cap Camarat 9.0 WA

Jeanneau Cap Camarat 9.0WA

The Jeanneau Cap Camarat 9.0 WA is a versatile and striking vessel that effortlessly marries style with functionality.

This option offers premium experience on a boat with a deck that is great for various types of activities such as swimming, sunbathing, snorkeling for groups wanting to enjoy memorable time in Dubrovnik.

Tour map

Blue Cave tour map

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