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Full-day tour from Dubrovnik to Mostar and Kravica Waterfall

20000, Dubrovnik, Croatia

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Tour from Dubrovnik to Mostar is a full-day tour to the Bosnia and Herzegovina. It is a perfect way to explore and enjoy the Bosnian culture, history and tradition in one day and you’ll have the opportunity to see “The Old Bridge” – the most famous bridge in the region.

Join us and travel in comfort in a modern, air-conditioned vehicle, exploring the stunning Kravica Waterfall, the spiritual town of Medjugorje, the historic city of Mostar, the tranquil Spring of River Buna, and the picturesque village of Pocitelj. This tour is the perfect blend of nature, culture, and history.

Tour itinerary

08:00 – Starting from Dubrovnik


Starting your day from the historic city of Dubrovnik, the tour promises an adventure through the stunning landscapes and cultural heritage of the region. As we depart from Dubrovnik at 8:00 AM, the anticipation builds with every mile, leading us into the heart of the Balkans’ mesmerizing natural beauty and intriguing historical sites.


10:30 – Arrival at Kravica Waterfall


By 10:30 AM, the Tour from Dubrovnik to Mostar brings you to the breathtaking Kravica Waterfall, a natural wonder nestled in the landscape. The falls invite adventurers to swim in its cool waters or simply enjoy the peaceful surroundings. Legends speak of the water’s rejuvenating properties, making a dip not just refreshing but almost mystical. Capturing Kravica’s beauty is a must, with the morning light offering the perfect backdrop for unforgettable photos.

12:30 – Medjugorje Visit


At 12:30, the Tour from Dubrovnik to Mostar stops in Medjugorje, a peaceful town with a profound spiritual presence. Recognized globally as a site of Marian apparitions since the 1980s, Medjugorje has become a pivotal pilgrimage destination for those seeking spiritual growth and renewal. The town offers a mix of sacred sites, including the Church of St. James and Apparition Hill, where visitors can engage in reflection or prayer, immersing themselves in the town’s tranquil and reflective atmosphere.

Medjugorje natural surroundings, with its vineyards and rolling hills, enhance the serene experience, inviting visitors to explore and find moments of quiet contemplation. This part of the Tour from Dubrovnik to Mostar is not just about religious devotion; it’s an opportunity to experience a sense of community and peace that transcends individual beliefs. Whether drawn by faith or curiosity, a visit to Medjugorje is a chance to witness the universal search for meaning and connection, making it a memorable stop on your journey.

14:00 – Exploring Mostar


By early afternoon, the Tour from Dubrovnik to Mostar introduces you to the enchanting city of Mostar. Central to its charm is the iconic Stari Most bridge, a UNESCO World Heritage Site symbolizing resilience and unity. This architectural masterpiece, beautifully restored, links the diverse cultures of Mostar, showcasing the city’s rich history and traditions.

Wandering through Mostar’s vibrant bazaar, the Tour from Dubrovnik to Mostar immerses you in a marketplace alive with traditional crafts and local cuisine, where East meets West. Here, you can discover handmade crafts that reflect Mostar’s artistic heritage and savor the unique flavors of Bosnian cuisine, offering a true taste of the city’s cultural blend.

Mostar’s story, particularly the history of the Stari Most bridge from its 16th-century origins to its recent reconstruction, is a highlight of the tour. This visit to Mostar provides not just a visual experience but an insightful journey into the heart of a city that stands as a testament to cultural coexistence and historical depth, making it a memorable part of your tour.

16:30 – Spring of River Buna


The Tour from Dubrovnik to Mostar takes us to the Spring of River Buna, where nature and history converge. The Blagaj Tekke near the spring, a Dervish monastery, showcases centuries of spiritual practice in harmony with nature. This serene spot is filled with tales of mystics who found inspiration here.

18:00 – Pocitelj Village


As evening nears, Pocitelj Village on the Tour from Dubrovnik to Mostar offers a journey back in time. This fortified town features panoramic views and Ottoman-era architecture, providing a living history lesson as you wander its ancient streets.

20:00 – Return to Dubrovnik


Concluding the Tour from Dubrovnik to Mostar, we return to Dubrovnik by 20:00, carrying with us a day full of discoveries. From Kravica Waterfall’s natural splendor to the spiritual atmosphere of Medjugorje, the historic beauty of Mostar, and the timeless appeal of Pocitelj, each location has contributed to a profound experience of Bosnia and Herzegovina’s cultural and natural treasures.

Tour highlights

About destinations

Kravica Waterfall


Kravica Waterfall is a natural wonder, characterized by its lush surroundings and cascading waters. A perfect blend of beauty and tranquillity, this site offers a refreshing escape with its inviting pools and picturesque setting.



Medjugorje, a renowned spiritual centre, resonates with peace and devotion. This pilgrimage destination captivates visitors with its serene atmosphere and sacred sites, offering a unique space for reflection and spiritual connection.



Mostar, a city rich in history and culture, is celebrated for its iconic Stari Most bridge and charming old town. Each cobblestone and market stall tells a story of resilience, blending diverse cultural influences into a vibrant tapestry.

Buna spring


The Spring of River Buna is a serene oasis, renowned for its clear waters and historical Blagaj Tekke. This enchanting site offers a blend of natural beauty and historical intrigue, nestled in a picturesque landscape.



Pocitelj is a historical treasure, with its medieval architecture and panoramic views. This hillside village captivates with its ancient stone buildings and fortifications, reflecting a rich past and timeless beauty.

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