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Multi-day tour | 3 days in Dubrovnik

Obala Stjepana Radića 17, 20000, Dubrovnik, Croatia

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3 days in Dubrovnik is our multi-day tour that includes full service: from picking up at the airport to beautiful boat and land tours combined.

Start an exciting 3-day journey with our Dubrovnik 3-day tour package, beginning with a smooth airport transfer to your hotel. The first day is all about the Elaphiti Islands, featuring a 4-hour sunset ride. On the second day, enjoy a fast-paced speedboat trip to Korcula Island for an adventurous exploration. The third day is yours to decide: pick from a full-day tour of Split, a day trip to Mostar and Kravice Waterfall in Bosnia, or a journey to Perast and Kotor in Montenegro.

We aim to showcase the best of Dubrovnik, creating memorable experiences that make your visit truly special. Get ready for three days filled with sun, beaches, and breathtaking views!

Day 1 – Airport transfer & 4-hours Elaphiti Islands tour


Start an exciting 3-day journey with our “3 days in Dubrovnik Tour Package.” Your adventure begins with a smooth airport transfer, ensuring a stress-free start to your exploration of Dubrovnik.

On the first day, dive into the beauty of the Elaphiti Islands during a 4-hour tour. Experience the Blue Cave, where the clear waters invite you for a refreshing swim. Later, relax on the inviting sands of Šunj Beach, well-known for its golden shores.

Day 2 – Speedboat ride to Korcula Island


Commence a thrilling speedboat experience to the captivating Korcula Island. Explore its unique charm, wander through historical sites, and enjoy the dynamic energy of this island gem.

Throughout this 2-day journey, our goal is to showcase the best of Dubrovnik while keeping things straightforward and enjoyable. Join us for a memorable experience where every moment is tailored to make your exploration truly special.

Day 3 – Full day excursion (Mljet Island or Bosnia or Montenegro)


On the third day, by default, we are offering a full day tour to Mljet Island and National park. For larger groups of people we are able to arrange excursions of your choice:

  • Full-day Split Sightseeing: Explore the historic wonders of Split from Dubrovnik.
  • Bosnia full-day tour from Dubrovnik: Journey to Mostar and Kravice Waterfall for a captivating Bosnian adventure.
  • Montenegro full-day tour from Dubrovnik: Discover the beauty of Perast and Kotor in an exciting Montenegro excursion.

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1h 30min

Mljet isn’t just a picturesque island; it’s also a designated national park, further emphasizing its natural significance. The Mljet National Park encompasses a substantial portion of the island, particularly the breathtaking Veliko and Malo Jezero (Large and Small Lake). 

Elaphiti Islands


The Elaphiti archipelago, with its 13 islands scattered like jewels in the Adriatic Sea, is a maritime tapestry waiting to be unravelled. While only three are inhabited – Koločep, Lopud, and Šipan – each island possesses a unique charm and story, adding layers to the archipelago’s allure.

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Jeanneau Leader 805

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