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We create unique experiences for you in the Adriatic sea!

At Seagull Dubrovnik , we’re among the many free spirits who find peace in exploring the amazing parts of nature, including on our boat tours. As locals who are familiar with every corner of the gorgeous place, we take pride in showing you around so you can have a great time. Our team has designed services that are meant for everybody – couples, families, friends, and solo travelers who seek something different from their adventures outside the main city.

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When you choose us for your holiday or vacation, you’ll want to stay in Dubrovnik as long as possible. We take you on our Dubrovnik boat tours to the awe-inspiring islands and boats near the coastline so you can revel in the architecture. Moreover, to top it off, our team is dedicated to your convenience. Therefore, we ensure that you have a great time on our boat tours. Additionally, since day one, we’ve been honing our craft, serving excited tourists just like you, and going the extra mile just to surpass your expectations.

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At Seagull Dubrovnik, our professionals make your day! We know the best routes and places for you to visit. However, that’s just the tip of the iceberg! What sets us apart is our sheer passion to what we do. We give our all to enable you to make lasting memories and engage with memorable stories of the places you discover. Additionally, we provide insider knowledge and recommendations while striving to create meaningful connections between you and the places you visit. Travel should be transformative, and we are committed to helping you make the most of your time in Dubrovnik.

Speedboat Jeanneau Cap Camarat 9.0Wa in Front of the Old town city walls In Dubrovnik

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